Investment strategy

One of the pioneers of secondary investments in Asia
providing optimal liquidity solutions to global investors.

Our Investment Strategy is focused on LP interest acquisition and GP-led restructurings in primarily Venture Capital and Buyout funds across Asia with a leading position in Japan.

Our Capital Allocation is up to 40% in Japan; 40% in Asia ex-Japan and the remaining 20% in OECD North America and Europe.

We aim to provide optimal liquidity solutions to global investors by acquiring equity shares and interests of funds.


Liquidity Solutions

LP Stakes in Markets Funds

Transfer of LP interests in a given single asset or a bulk deal

GP-Led Secondaries

Create for both GP and their LPs liquidity solutions with more attractive ways to exits

Fund Restructurings

Provide liquidity by establishing new vehicles or new framework as fund level solutions

Syndicated Investment

Flexible to join various investment opportunities with global co-investors

Stapled Secondaries

LP tender offers combined with a primary commitment to a new fund

Structured Solutions

Earn-out scheme, Preferred equity, Deferred payment option and other tailor-made solutions